I can visit you in your hotel, home, or a sex club within New York City or host you in a clean, quiet location in inner Brooklyn.

Outcalls are $250/hr

Incalls are $220/hr

Discounts for multiple hours.  Inquire about overnights.

Skype Sessions

Far away but want to get to know me?  We can get together, jack off and talk dirty/sweet about whatever you want. Text or email me to schedule a time to get together

$100/half hr

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I like to travel as much as possible!  Getting to see the country and meet people along the way is one of the greatest joys of this work.  Check here for updates for my travel schedule or follow me on Twitter



"Cyd's visit was a great find. We had a truly great time. He was all he promised and more. He is FTM and was super hot and experienced. I think we both were totally satisfied after our time together. He was both passionate and wild at the same time. All you could possibly want.. Can't wait until he comes back to town..."

"On-screen he comes across as intensely sexual: horny, sensual, focused and having a really good, sweaty time. I'd never considered intimacy with a transgender person but Cyd's intensity and impish, naughty smile really piqued my interest. Fast-forward a couple of months and I saw that Cyd was going to be visiting and I set up an appointment with him. He was easy to communicate with and a pretty low-maintenance kind of guy... easygoing and flexible. I met Cyd at his hotel and, when the door opened, his intensity was quickly manifested in lots of energetic, deep kisses and 2 pairs of roaming hands. We went well over our 2 hours and Cyd was a sweet host and also an intelligent, insightfully conversant guy. I think the topic that is likely to be of the most interest to clients is the nature of physical intimacy with a transguy. This was my first such experience and I was a little uncertain of "what to do". Cyd was quite adept at finding the things that pleased me (and he did one thing I REALLY like... I'll say that he's eager to please) but also eager to show me what pleased him. He was 100% focused on "Us", incredibly interactive and gradually the stuff between the legs became less important that that between the ears. I was fairly exhausted as we went over our time but, at the end, I felt very comfortable with arms and legs intertwined and a good, emotional connection made. For me, the physical piece meshed quite nicely with the intellectual and emotional components and it was a really gratifying experience. If you've every desired intimacy with a transguy then Cyd is a real pro and is definitely a go-to companion. If it's something that might interest you then take a look at some of Cyd's video work - it's a pretty good indication of what you can expect in person."

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