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I love lots of different men but my relationships with Daddy’s are some of the most rewarding in my life. Growing up without a typical boyhood experience I crave the opportunity to be a good son and make my father happy. While the sexual relationships I develop with dad’s are passionate, and where I am most eager for the gift of their dick, I find our time expands past that form of intimacy. I enjoy my encounters with daddy’s as a time where a lot of emotional nurturance can be shared and intergenerational desire can be fostered.


While I love many different types of sessions I am a deeply sensuous person and love sharing that. I love the feeling of our bodies tightly gripped together, your breath hot in my ear as you thrust into my hole. I love greeting you at the door as if we’ve known each other in a different world with a deep kiss, getting us in a rhythm so our body movements echo each others. I deeply enjoy nestling into your chest after sex and letting our bodies relax together. I like to hear about your life and I share freely about my own. When I leave you will feel like you had the hottest time with a new crush without any of the anxiety that comes from a relationship.


I am an enthusiastic exhibitionist. I love knowing that men all over the world jerk off imaging themselves in the place of my scene partners. I make videos just for you. I also enjoy making home videos just for your eyes so you can replay our time together again and again. If you are remote and want a special video where you tell me exactly what you want me to do please just let me know, I love to oblige.


Absolutely! I’m a total sucker for a role play and I have a very open mind to anything that causes no harm. With years of experience being a kinky slut I’ve dabbled in most things, but if I’m new to something I’m excited to learn. Things that are no’s for me are heavy pain, shit, and animals. I also need to develop trust and communication with someone before bondage becomes a possibility.

First Timers

Most people I have sex with have never been with a trans guy before, and some of those have never been with someone with a pussy. This can cause all kinds of first time fears like you haven’t experienced since teenage years, but rather than back away I encourage you to embrace the opportunity for something new! If you are intrigued by trans men enough to be here reading this, you owe yourself the chance to satiate that curiosity. It could open a whole new world for you.

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