Where you born this way?

I was assigned female at birth and had a body many people think of as a girls body growing up. In my early 20's I realized that being happy within my body was contingent on changing it to appear more male. I have a flat chest, am hairy, masculine and have an elongated clitoris that I call a dick. I am completely happy in my own skin, much more than many non transgender people. I don't wish for a penis and I feel completely blessed to have what I got.

Are you a top or a bottom?

Why not be both? I am a hungry power bottom capable of gripping your dick hard with my cunt while I orgasm over and over again pulling your cum out of you. I am an eager, dirty mouthed top who delights in using your hole with my fingers, strap on or fist. Choose one or lets flip fuck in the same session – why settle for one dimensional sex?

Can I see you for free?

I love what I do – the idea that someone wants me bad enough that they will pay a sizeable amount of money for the privilege totally turns me on and motivates me to make sure you have an experience you won't forget. I do not meet strangers for drinks, dates, or sex outside the parameters of our meeting. It isn't what turns me on, and besides with so much attention with generous men, when would I fit free dates in?

Can we bareback?

Short answer no.   Getting an STI also compromises the discretion I hope to offer my clients who are partnered. I get tested regularly because I know that even being careful there are still risks. I do not discriminate against HIV+ clients, or treat them any different than other clients. I use condoms during sex with all and do bareback in porn with models tested within the past 2 weeks.

Do you deny clients based on their age, abilities, gender or race?

No. I only deny clients who are disrespectful. I welcome the chance to meet you, regardless of what you look like or who you are. If you treat me with respect I will always do the same and ensure we have a good time.

Do you see clients who speak other languages?

Estoy aprendiendo español! Si quieres salir conmigo, sería más fácil communicar sobre texto para negociar con mas claridad. Tambien puedo hablar y tener conversaciónes, pero mi vocabulario es un poco limitado 😉