Getting Together

What am I into?  Let me tell you all about it!

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Rates and Reviews

What is a session with me like?  How can we get together?

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Porn and Media

Want to see me in action?  I am an award winning porn actor and director of Bonus Hole Boys.  You can read all about my work in my interviews!

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What makes an experience with me unique?

It's not just that I'm a guy with a pussy...although that is definitely enough to set me apart from most boys.

When I come together with someone our experience is unique because I truly enjoy what I do.  I love the opportunity to build intimacy with the people who choose to meet me.  I am fed by the challenge to give someone an experience that they won't soon forget.

I am often told is that my comfort with myself and my sexuality is something rare to find in any person and I want to share that quality with you.  I want you to find that same deep enjoyment of your body and intrigue at the possibilities of connection.



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